NSLoom is founded by Gerasimos Chatzidamianos with the vision to develop quality applications for iOS and Mac OS. Inspired by the beautiful design and seamless operation of Apple systems, NSLoom aims to provide robust, fun and easy to use applications.

Gerasimos Chatzidamianos

Gerasimos’ dream to become a software engineer was clear to him from the moment he became aware of the personal computer’s existence, in the mid 1980s. Marked by keen interest and enthusiasm about the digital wonders, he studied hard to become a university student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculty, where he was taught the life’s lesson that if you want to achieve something, obstacles appear only when you take your eyes off your goal.

With over 15 years of experience in software engineering, Gerasimos founds NSLoom.com attempting to express his eagerness for beautifully crafted and intelligently developed applications for iOS and Mac OS platforms. When he isn’t working on NSLoom’s next project, Gerasimos spends his time with his wife and his three daughters.

phone: +30 6972 080817