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Frequently Asked Questions

“How may I set the default locale?”

When at the home screen tap on the info icon (i) in order to load the settings view. After the settings view is loaded, you will be able to change the default locale using the region picker.

“When I am editing a tag, I cannot change the locale. Why?”

If you have selected at least one symbol from a specific locale (say European), the symbol selector locks to this locale since it is impossible for the same article to contain symbols from different locales. If you deselect all the symbols you selected, locale selector will be enabled and you will be able to change it.

“I want my data to be available in all my iOS devices. Is this possible?”

Yes. The Laundry Tags app supports iCloud, so every tag you create gets transferred to all your iOS devices that use your iCloud account.

“Is it possible to disable iCloud support?”

Yes. When at the home screen click on the info icon (i) in order to load the settings view. At the second row you will find an iCloud support switch. You may turn it OFF. Please note that a) you will need to restart the app in order for the change to be applied and b) disabling iCloud support from the app does not erase its data from the Cloud. You will have to do this manually by choosing Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Laundry Tags, choose “Edit” and tap on “Delete All”

“What is the purpose of “Wash, Dry, Iron” buttons in “My Tags” table?”

You may use these buttons in order to filter your tags for common Wash, Dry or Iron properties. If for example you select the “Wash” filter, clothes that may be washed together will by grouped into the same section.

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